Best Informed Boy (Remix)

Davos & Per-Anders Kurenbach

A deeply melodic and melancholic but still joyful approach to face fear and satisfaction in life.

Davos has started working on their new album to be released by end of 2018. In the following months a couple of songs will be released online, the first one the single 'Best Informed Boy' on 18th of May and now the Remix of Best Informed Boy on 22nd of June.

dAVOS are an Austrian synthpop band from Vienna, formed in January 2004. The band consists of Michael Ruin (Keyboards), Matt C. (since 2010, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) and Eric Nelson (Lead Vocals). Founding member Gerd Hall (Guitar, Keyboards) had left dAVOS for personal reasons in 2010 and rejoined the band in late 2013.

Since their very first released song "Eleven" (May, 2004), dAVOS have released 21 songs on different sampler CDs, 5 own EPs, 2 split EPs, 1 vinyl 7" record, 1 promo EP and 2 studio albums. dAVOS songs have been remixed by artists and bands like Thomas Rainer (L'ame Immortelle), Equatronic, Marosi (Childer), Dynamic Masters, Säsh & Magan, Torben Wendt (Diorama), Per Anders Kurenbach (Psyche), Hannes Medwenitsch (Nature Destroyed), Baerwulf, Jesus On Extasy, AndyK, Korbin King, People Theatre and Portash.

dAVOS are known for their powerful, magnetizing and fascinating live performances in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech republic. Guest musicians as Paul Raal (percussion) and Erich Nuler (keyboards) have performed live with dAVOS in their shows so far.

dAVOS songs are strongly oriented towards personal experiences and musically influenced by bands like Duran Duran, A-ha and New Order.

Studio productions and releases: Songs and remixes on sampler CDs (since 2004): "Eleven", "In Disguise", "Collite", "Chase The Dragon", "These Days", "What I Prefer", "Illuminate", "Within Control", "Vermisst Du Mich", "Fruit Of Joy", "Brian", "Rain"

Albums: "Just Like Mine" (2007) "I Could Sense A Tragedy" (2013), timezone records

EPs: "Tender Loving Care" (2011), Ionium Records "dAVOS 2004 - 2010 promo" (2011) "I Start Mourning" (2006), Ionium Records "What I Prefer" (2004), Ionium Records "My Pleasure Garden" (2014), timezone records

Split EPs: "Cindy" (2007) with Jan W., Synthom Records "Fruit Of Joy/Within Control" (2007) with Heirstyle, Hungry Moon Records

Vinyl 7"s: "Fruit Of Joy/Within Control" (2009) with Heirstyle, Hungry Moon Records

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